White papers

Information for growers

At Plagron our goal is your succesful cultivation project. To that end, we don’t just produce high quality basic nutrients, substrates and additives. We also want to share our knowledge with you. From the white papers below, you can learn everything about nutrient deficiency, pest damage and how to recognize, repair and above all prevent them.

Deficiencies Does your plant look unhealthy? Do the leaves have a strange colour? Are the stems weak? Then it might be the case that your plant is dealing with a nutrient deficiency. This whitepaper helps you prevent, cure and recognize deficiency symptoms. Download
Pest control guide If you are a grower who has spent days, weeks and months on your plants, there is nothing more frustrating than fnding they have been damaged by pests. If they have, all your hard work has been for nothing. How can you recognise and prevent damage before it goes too far? This pest control guide has the solution. Prevent, recognise and combat damage to your plants. Download
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